Amarte Fonds

promotion & logo

Mentioning Amarte’s Name

If you have received a grant from Amarte we request that you mention our name when presenting and promoting your work. For example in printed press, social media, on your website or newsletter. You are free to use Amarte’s logo for this. When it concerns an open call or event in which Amarte supports an external cultural organization, you can use the X Amarte logo.

When using Amarte’s name in written text, you can choose to either use the full name “Stichting Amarte Fonds’, or one of the abbreviations ‘Amarte Fonds’ or ‘Amarte’.

Project promotion

We show a selection of the projects we support on our website and social media. For this, we use the images you submitted with your application, for which you have given us permission to share. If you want us to use other images, please let us know.

Unfortunately, due to the large amount of applications, we are not able to highlight every project. Is the premiere date getting close and would you like us to promote your project on our Instagram page? Then make sure to tag @amartefonds in the posts and/or stories you publish and we will share them.