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Amarte joins forces with Eindhoven University of Technology! Are you an artist that wants to research and create a new work in the field of artificial intelligence or light together with experts and students? Then this open call is for you!

One of our highlighted projects

Becoming Loes

Eva van Ooijen
Eva van Ooijen received a contribution for her project Becoming Loes. Eva came into possession of exhibition scale models of the work of the forgotten artist Loes. The scale models in these maquettes are all that remains of Loes' multifaceted oeuvre. Eva wants to return these artworks to their original size, with the goal of still realizing an exhibition of Loes' work. Loes as a construct is important because she represents a large group of female artists who, in a male-dominated art world, have never been heard or seen.In her work, Eva van Ooijen mixes fact, fiction and imagination with the aim of asking questions about authenticity, authorship, power, the art world and feminism. What makes a work of art authentic and who is its author? And as for that author, who is heard and seen?
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The Amarte Foundation was founded by a number of individuals and their families who share a deep love for the arts. They wish to support the development of creatives and talent in arts and culture by providing financial means and where possible coaching, knowledge and experience. Artists and cultural institutions can apply at Amarte for support of projects in the fields of theatre, film, music, visual arts and literature.