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Amarte is teaming up with Wisseloord Academy to offer a unique development path for musicians. Are you looking for professional counseling to develop long-term career plans? Apply now!


With the support of Amarte, Pand P Podium organises a series of live recordings with an audience in Pand P theatre in Eindhoven, in May and June 2024. Are you an upcoming musical talent and could your project use a boost in the form of a live performance and a professional recording? Apply now!

One of our highlighted projects


Tild Greene
Tild Greene received a contribution to develop new work. With Trophies, Tild presents a series of bronze sculptures that explore hierarchical structures around value and sustainability. What constitutes achievement and what marks ritual is questioned. Drawing on gender and mythology, Greene explores what constitutes a "hero" and the archetypal characteristics of such a figure, which are typically depicted in bronze sculptures. This body of work subverts the connection between the hero and what is considered competent. It plays with the notion of permanence to create sculptures that resemble totems of celebration and practice.Sculpture and writing are central to Tild’s work. Through such topics as mythology, utility, class, grief and gender, Tild contemplates categories and assumptions. Through their own developed processes with materials, obstacles are reflected upon and pushed forward toward a question: What defines ability and capacity? By reflecting on what precedes or follows potential capacity, Tild attempts to transform preconditioned structures and associations into a different logic.
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The Amarte Foundation was founded by a number of individuals and their families who share a deep love for the arts. They wish to support the development of creatives and talent in arts and culture by providing financial means and where possible coaching, knowledge and experience. Artists and cultural institutions can apply at Amarte for the support of projects in the field of theatre, film, music, visual arts and literature, as well as interdisciplinary projects.