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Truck Mama

Zipporah Nyaruri

Zipporah Nyaruri received a contribution to develop the film Truck Mama. The film focuses on the story of a brave, hard-working long-haul truck driver and mother of two. Working in a male-dominated world, the main character conquers an infamous road in East Africa, also known as the "Devils Highway," with her truck. The film is a story of resilience, inspiration and hope in which the main character takes us through her experiences of joy and hardship, the charm and disillusionment of this highway as she juggles her maternal duties and running her household.

Zipporah is an independent filmmaker with a background in journalism. With her move into filmmaking, she wrote and directed the short film Zebu And The Photo Fish. The film won an unprecedented number of awards, including Grand Prix at Festival Lumiere d'Afrique, Besançon and Best Script and Director at Auteur Film Festival, Cape Town.