Amarte Fonds

Places Called Palaces

Eszter Nagy

Eszter Nagy received contribution to develop new work. Eszter’s project offers an alternative guide to the actual palaces of The Hague, home of the Dutch royal family, including those that cater to the many, instead of the royal few. Focusing on fifteen shops, restaurants and stores in The Hague that are called palaces, attention is brought to the extraordinariness of everyday life, with its subtle yet intriguing importance. These everyday palaces provide space for ordinary yet fundamental activities such as eating, getting a haircut, and creating community and belonging for customers. They are more substantial in the city than any royal palace.

Eszter is an audiovisual designer working in the field of the representation of the ordinary and the material culture of everyday life. Her practice is based on an interaction with communities and the process of deconstructing and reconfiguring their portrayals.