Amarte Fonds


Makers and artists can apply for a development grant or a project grant for an interdisciplinary collaboration or project. Here you will find what these grants mean and what the application consists of. Please also take a look here, because on top of a financial contribution you can receive extra professional support from an expert.

What is an interdisciplinary project?

For Amarte, a project is interdisciplinary if there is an exchange between different disciplines during the creative process and in the end product. Amarte supports interdisciplinary projects in which two or more of the following disciplines come together: theatre, film, music, visual arts and/or literature.

Professional makers from different disciplines work together within the project. The disciplines represented in the project have an equal artistic position. This means that not one discipline supports the other, but that a fusion of disciplines takes place in which a new (visual) language is jointly developed.

Development grant (max. 2.750)

Project grant (max. 5.500)

General guidelines

Guidelines specifically for interdisciplinary projects

How to apply?