Amarte Fonds

about us

Who are we?

The Amarte Foundation was founded in 2019 by a number of families that share a deep love for the arts. Together they decided to offer financial means to innovative artists and support projects in music, theatre, film, visual arts, and literature. Amarte would like to serve as a springboard for artists, which is why we offer both development grants and project grants to realize relatively small scale projects.

What makes us special?

Applying is easy. In the application we ask you to answer a few short questions and upload some attachments. We prefer to receive short, enthusiastic applications. You are free to present your project in your own way. If you find it difficult to write about your project for example, we are happy to receive a video in which you tell us about yourself and your project.

We try to review your application as quickly as possible so that, if granted, you can immediately get to work. That is why we do not work with deadlines to apply. You will be notified of a decision within 6 weeks after submitting your application.

Amarte aims to make a difference where possible. That is why we do not solely offer financial means, but also expertise, support or coaching in other areas to develop your project. Think of a financial coach, a mentor who can help you in professionalizing your art practice, or a PR expert who can give you recommendations in presenting your project. Find out more on the page Experts.

What do we value?

Amarte is here to support the work of innovative creatives. Amarte understands that the creation of new work requires time and space for experimentation, research, and development. To allow artists this time and space to create, Amarte also supports projects that are still in a developmental stage, when the outcome is still unsure. Artists can apply for a development grant to finance this developmental stage, or a project grant for when the plans are a bit more concrete.

We highly value honest, ethical and professional practices. By this we mean that you offer the makers you work with the following: fair payments, clear agreements and a safe and inclusive working environment.

The artist is free to express a personal opinion in the work. A financial contribution from Amarte to the artist does not mean that Amarte agrees with the artist's point of view or supports the idea.

By way of illustration, Amarte supports:

  • Musicians who would like to record a (first) album or organize a concert(series);

  • Theatre makers who would like to organize a production in a special location or present it to a new audience;

  • Filmmakers with a film idea who need time to write out their plans to give it more form;

  • Visual artists who want to research new media or other forms of presentation to convey their vision;

  • Writers that want to write their second book;

  • Interdisciplinary projects where creatives from different fields come together to amplify each other’s practices.

In sum, we are here for artists who need space and time to develop new ideas, execute innovative plans, and explore special collaborations.