Amarte Fonds


Amarte aims to make a difference. That is why we don’t only offer support with financial means, but also with expertise or coaching for the development of your project. We do this by connecting you to an ‘expert’. This can be someone from your own network, someone from our network, or a professional in your field who you would like to learn from. If your application is granted, Amarte offers an extra sum on top of the financial grant for a collaboration with an expert. Such a collaboration is not mandatory, but it can definitely help you. Please note that the percentage comes as an extra gift on top of the given contribution, and does not get deducted from the granted amount.


Sometimes one conversation with another, more experienced professional can help you get further in your development as an artist. Think of someone who can read your script during your writing process and who you can brainstorm with when you get stuck. A mentor who can help you professionalize your practice, or a PR expert who can give you recommendations and useful tips on how and where to best present your project.

How does it work?

The process with an expert differs every time, as it depends on the need of the applicant. It is important that the collaboration is actually beneficial to you, so we ask you to take the lead.

Step 1

While writing your application, think about which type of expertise could be helpful to you. This can be someone to support you in the development of your project, or it can be someone who can help you get a bit further ahead as an artist more generally.

Step 2

In the application form, you will fill out a number of questions about the collaboration with the expert. Which type of expertise do you need? Do you already have someone in mind? What would you like to ask him/her?

Step 3

If your application is granted, someone from the Amarte Foundation will reach out to you to discuss the various possibilities of working with an expert. Maybe you would like to attend a workshop, start a coaching trajectory, or just want to get a coffee with someone to talk about your project. Together we will find someone who fits you and your project, who we will then get in touch with.

Step 4

Connection has been made! You can now make your own appointments with the expert. We will take care of the financial compensation for the expert, so no need to worry about that.