NIEUW: Vanaf nu kunnen schrijvers, net als bij de andere disciplines, een ontwikkelbijdrage van €2.750 of een projectbijdrage van €5.500 aanvragen. Klik hier voor meer informatie.

Amarte Fonds


Paula Montecinos en Pedro Matias

Paula Montecinos en Pedro Matias ontvingen een ontwikkelbijdrage voor hun project N/pantla. 

N/pantla is a performative installation that merges live sound and resonant materialities, in co-existing imaginaries of subversion, remembrance and premonition. Through a corporeal debordering of fractured mixes and remixes, half-spoken words, half-screamed vocals, frequencies, whispers, thoughts, laughter and cries, invites to assemblage a listening through one another’s skin.

A (postnatural) sonic environment that echoes multiple voices, addressing how intimately tied, gendered and racialized capitalism are to our communal sense of self-preservation and self-perceptive processes.

N/pantla host the guest-voices of Johan Mijail, Angelo Custodio & Raoni Saleh

N/pantla is developed by visual artist Pedro Matias and sound artist Paula Montecinos. In a transdisciplinary approach they research attempts to involve the audience’s body into a dynamic ecosystem of sounds and extended sense of listening. N/pantla is a first attunement of a longer collaboration towards creating a porous living environment, from which the body echoes the broader socio-political and natural context.