Amarte Fonds

Worm X Amarte

Note: the deadline has passed!

WORM & Amarte Foundation team up to provide you with an amazing opportunity! Are you a Netherlands-based creative who is interested in an interdisciplinary way of working? Then continue reading!

Open Call

WORM & Amarte Foundation are looking for artists who would like to make interdisciplinary, site specific work in one of WORM’s three spaces:

  • The black box theatre space, UBIK
  • The white cube gallery space, WORM Gallery
  • The radio station, Radio WORM

We look to support artists who will either create new work or whose work is in a development stage. You’ll develop the work using WORM’s facilities. The work period should have a concrete outcome in the end.

Check out WORM’s website!


What is an interdisciplinary project?

Deadline and timetable

The spaces

What can you expect?

Production and presentation time in WORM

How to apply