Amarte Fonds


Tamar Blom

Tamar Blom received a contribution to develop the performance Scaffolding. In the performance, Tamar creates a work that takes us into a movement that takes place outside our perceptual boundaries. This movement is condensed into a long-term installative performance. From scaffolding material, a structure is built and simultaneously dismantled on the assembly line. A constantly transforming air castle. Thus, this structure moves steadily through its surroundings. The vanguard of transformation that leaves us with nothing.

Tamar makes performances and installations in which the spectator is addressed in a physical way and is actually set in motion. This is done through intense visual spaces and actions. Tamar is a creator who uses space, sound and material to create performance installations that open up new spaces in your imagination. His work offers a special experience and gives a lot of room for individual interpretation. Although Tamar's works contain freedom, you feel he has a clear direction about what his work stands for and what the idea behind it is. Tamar continues to surprise, showing how materials can transform space, how something abstract can touch deep emotions within you and how much of poetry can be hidden in simplicity.