Amarte Fonds

A Pole Tragedy

Sofie Kramer

Sofie Kramer received a project grant for her project A Pole Tragedy.

Sofie Kramer: A Pole Tragedy is a pole dance performance inspired by Euripides’ famous sacrificial tragedy Iphigenia in Aulis, in which I search for (sexual) autonomy and physical self-determination in a male-dominated world. The duet between my female body and the pole balances on the paradoxical edge of a feminist indictment of patriarchy and a rape fantasy that got out of hand. Is this self-expression or self-objectification?”

Sofie Kramer (1990) is a theater maker, performer and writer and graduated in 2019 at Toneelacademie Maastricht. Out of her great love for music and visual art, she developed an idiosyncratic, highly visual theater language during her studies in which musicality and physicality play an important role. The fighting body is a recurring theme in her work: the body fighting against time, against gravity, against the gaze of the other. She shows this fight in whimsical, often interdisciplinary performances in which the experiment is central.