Amarte Fonds


Selm Merel Wenselaers

“Selm Merel Wenselaers (Edegem, 1983) studied History at the University of Antwerp and the Freie Universität Berlin. In 2008, she wrote the book The Last Belgians. Een geschiedenis van de Oostkantons (Meulenhoff/Manteau) and founded Geheugen Collectief together with Pieter Serrien. This historical research bureau made a name for itself by researching Willy Vandersteen’s wartime past. With Johan Buytaert, Selm started De kleine Expeditie, a creative project agency that realised projects for, among others, Antwerp Arts City, Red Star Line Museum, MAS and the Rubens Museum. With support from the Amarte fund, self-proclaimed ‘tussenmens’ Selm Merel Wenselaers wanders into the inhospitable territory between man and woman.”