Amarte Fonds

In iedere vezel

Gwen Stok

Artist Gwen Stok received a grant to develop a graphic novel. In iedere vezel is a poetic graphic novel about the colonial past. A goddess floats lost through the Javanese highlands, a young woman tries to remember grandma's recipe for bacon cake: tradition in search of a new destination, the present groping for a windswept past. Gwen and writer Christian Jongeneel bring this metaphor to life in a hushed visual story.

Gwen is an artist and illustrator. She creates illustrations and visual stories that give an insight into our human nature with philosophical playfulness. In 2019, she debuted the graphic novel De genezing van de krekel, based on the story by Toon Tellegen. In 2021, she was Rotterdam's city artist, capturing the experience of hard lockdown in a poetic short graphic novel. Christian is a writer and has published two novels. He is also business manager of two cultural institutions in Rotterdam.