Amarte Fonds


Julien Ignacio

Goudjakhals (Golden Jackal) is a chain of migrant stories. Each story shows a face hidden behind the “migrant flow”. The book goes from the sparkling new canals of Amsterdam in the Golden Age and the sunny, dancing islands of Aruba and Curaçao to the broken streets of Beirut and Aleppo and the miserable conditions in a reception camp on Lesbos. Ignacio writes about love and family, as well as the loneliness of a heartbroken Palestinian and an Iranian Kurd who befriends an Artificial Intelligence (AI) in impossible circumstances. Goudjakhals, which spans the late seventeenth century to the near future, deals with political and social contradictions, the Kafkaesque fate of the illegal and the boat refugee, but above all the gentle forces that, according to Henriette Roland Holst, will eventually prevail. Call it a mosaic narrative, a hybrid novel or a book of voices. Goudjakhals is one story with many faces, one song from many throats that, across time and space, let their broken voices sing.