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Amarte Fonds

De buitengewoon geslaagde opvoeding van Frida Wolf

Maria Kager

Maria Kager received a contribution for writing her new book De buitengewoon geslaagde opvoeding van Frida Wolf. Frida's eccentric father is not suited to the role of father, nor to that of prison warden. He does his best in his own way, but he drinks and smokes too much, takes his daughter out stealing, gives her self-defence lessons with real weapons and feels more affinity with the prisoners in the dome than with his colleagues in the judiciary. When the fragile balance in prison-dominated family life is disrupted by a tragic accident, the constriction of the walls becomes increasingly intense. Years later, Frida wonders to what extent the dome has shaped her life. You can take the child out of the prison, but how do you take the prison out of the child?

Maria is a writer and literary scholar. She grew up in Haarlem, received her PhD in literary studies from Rutgers University in the US, and lives in Amsterdam Noord. Her work has appeared in Tirade, De Gids, Hard/Hoofd, and De Groene Amsterdammer, among others.