Amarte Fonds

Shoulder to Shoulder

Ratri Notosudirdjo

Shoulder to Shoulder is a movement and sound piece that looks at the body’s performed language in modern work conditions. The work explores the involuntary actions of our bodies as a language and through the performance create a surreal landscape and a re-interpretation of the work place.”

During her participation in the Wunderplatz X Skills residency, Ratri delved into an investigation of various physiological sounds produced internally (by viscera, teeth, organs, hypertension, breathing) and externally (by falling, fidgeting, swinging, scratching). The condition in which she observed the body was in the context of burnout syndrome: A condition that affects many people working in this capitalist-driven society. The performance at WORM was the first outcome of the experiment Ratri and co-performers presented. In the performance, sounds are choreographed and accompanied by poetic movements and theatrical monologues. The visual themes cast a ghostly shadow on the actors in the workspace.