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Amarte Fonds

The Tales of Perpetuity

Anastasija Pirozenko

Anastasia Pirozenko received a contribution to develop the film The Tales of Perpetuity (working title).

Growing up in the turbulent times in newly independent Lithuania during the 90s and 00s was an experience surrounded by depression, search of faiths, emerging of new religious groups, and ambiguous deaths. Reflecting on these experiences made Anastasija wonder what is the drive of those who strive for immortality nowadays? What drives one to become immortal or at least live beyond your biological time? And how the humans deal with aging and death? The Tales of Perpetuity (working title) will aim to tackle these questions in a very open way. The film deals with different domains of physical immortality between (pseudo) scientific, such as cryonics concept, transhumanism, and in contrast - a more esoteric, mystical approach.

Anastasija is an audio-visual artist and filmmaker from Lithuania based in Amsterdam. Her artistic practice spans film, video installations, and photography. In her work, Anastasija explores the topics of utopia, community, social structures and belonging. Her work has been shown at international film festivals as well as art events, including Visions du Reel, Int. Short Film Festival Oberhausen, Ji.hlava IDFF, and Busan International Video Art Festival.