Amarte Fonds

Ker Enaz act 1

Yannick Warmerdam

Yannick Warmerdam received a contribution for his silent, hand-drawn film Ker Enaz act 1: a short black-and-white film drawn by Yannick Warmerdam with cello music by India Bourne and sound design by Max van den Oever. The film tells the story of a man who gets lost on the North Sea and ends up on the island of Ker Enaz. He wants to go home but seductive sounds of cellos and violins lead him deeper into the island. The islanders seem to have no homes despite the cold and fog. Instead, they play cellos and violins day and night on the high rocky shores. The music was apparently not meant for the castaway, but what is it that they are trying to lure to their island with music?

Yannick Warmerdam is an illustrator and an architect. The hand-drawn architectural dreams in Ker Enaz act 1 depict his philosophical, theoretical thoughts and quests regarding architecture, nature and society. They are pen-drawn dream worlds, landscapes, dreams of the future and alternative societies.