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Amarte Fonds

Reading your notes in the strata

Elena Giolo

Elena Giolo received a grant to develop new work while participating in the Pó de Vir a Ser residency in Portugal. The content of Elena’s work stems from research into myths, science and anthropology. The artist looks at the aesthetics of archaeological excavations and the memories these objects carry. She is interested in the idea of excavating objects from the past to explore fictional scenarios. The result was shown in the exhibition Reading your notes in the strata at Galerie AdK in Amsterdam.

Reading your notes in the strata is a duo exhibition in which Elena Giolo and Laura Malpique explore what future remains we will leave behind in the landscape. The theme ties in with Elena’s work through her research into myths, science and anthropology. In this work, she imagines how the remains of our bones on Earth will become fossils over time. Laura Malpique focuses on the domestication of landscapes, materials and people, ideas she relates to the development of lifestyle and culture. She romanticizes about possible layers that would provide clues to the construction of space and the identity of modern humans. Elena and Laura look at human impacts in the landscape with different points of view. In their images they show their vision of future scenarios.