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Amarte Fonds

Synthetic Halo: Illuminating the Mind-Machine-AI Nexus

Kurina Sohn

Kurina Sohn received a contribution to develop Synthetic Halo: Illuminating the Mind-Machine-AI Nexus. In an era of constant technological distraction, this project focuses on rethinking cognitive connection and blending artificial intelligence (AI) and human thought, fostering a new kind of mindfulness. The installation recontextualises a traditional Buddhist wooden sculpture to explore the Halo symbol, by building the meditative Halo machine with EEG sensors.

Kurina is a multidisciplinary designer based in Amsterdam. She is fascinated by the exploration of realms, life forms, and narratives that transcend the ordinary. The projects are rooted in extensive research and adopt a poetic lens to craft fluid and inclusive interpretations of contemporary realities. The creative process involves tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, digital fabrication, and immersive installation.