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Amarte Fonds

Sculptuur en Fermentatie

Jonas Wijtenburg

Jonas Wijtenburg received a development grant for his project Sculpture and Fermentation. In 2021, Jonas came into contact with a natural vintner from France named Laurent Saillard. This encounter marked the beginning of an extraordinary new chapter in his art practice. During a visit, a ceramic amphora with an experimental wine caught his eye and he discovered that there are many similarities in the creation of sculpture and natural wine. He became intrigued by the combination of ceramics and wine fermentation and the way they work together and got the idea to create, in collaboration with Laurent, a series of sculptural ceramic wine vessels. One of the starting points of the project was to see if sculptural forms could influence the creation and taste of wine. At the same time, Jonas was looking for his own way of including the fermentation process in the development of his sculptures.