Amarte Fonds



“Doina Daantje Donna is a transmedia and transdisciplinary narrative art project. It is a story told across mediums about a woman, Donna-Daantje-Doina, who personifies the transformations of a historical space in Amsterdam. This space, what is now called the Huygens Institute of Dutch History, was formerly the Spinhuis, one of the first female prisons in the world, Amsterdam Police Headquarters and St. Ursula’s convent. Amarte funds the weaving of the narrative tapestry that Juliacks is making that will hang in the Huygens Institute indefinitely and can be visited by the public. The tapestry dyptych, for Juliacks, is like a giant comic. It’s sequence explores the narrative through character, symbols, abstraction and thread. Here are some of the drawings Juliacks made that were adapted into the design for the tapestry.”