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How do I apply?

What is the deadline for submitting an application?

Do I qualify for a financial contribution from Amarte?

I want to apply for an interdisciplinary project. Which discipline should I choose?

Can I also apply for funding at other foundations while applying at Amarte?

My application was granted. When can I apply again for a new project?

I completed my project. How can I apply for the remaining 20% of the contribution?

Can I call Amarte?

Can I send my application and/or additional documents to Amarte by post?

I'm not great at writing. What should I do?

I have no experience making a budget. What does a budget consist of?

I'm not sure if I need the support or coaching of an expert yet, what should I answer in the application form?

What are material costs that are directly connected to the project?

My application has been rejected. Can I get an explanation of the reason for this rejection?

Will all supported projects be promoted by Amarte?