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Thank you for your interest in the Amarte Foundation! Here you will find more information on the general process of submitting an application and our overall guidelines. These guidelines differ per discipline. We advise you to take a careful look at the page specific to your discipline before starting your application.

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Applying at Amarte

1. Click on Apply to start your online application. Here you can choose to Register and fill out your email address. You will receive a password through email. With this password and your email address you will be able to log in.

2. You can start a new application by clicking on the plus sign. This form will serve as the basis for your application. Please fill it out as completely as possible and upload extra documents to substantiate your application, such as a project plan, portfolio and budget. You can temporarily save and return to your application at any time.

3. After you have checked your application, hit send. You will immediately receive a confirmation message.

4. Your application will be reviewed by Amarte’s Project Manager. If your application fits all formal criteria, you will receive an email with your personal reference number.

5. The advisory committee will read your application. Please regularly check your inbox. Sometimes the advisory committee needs some additional information to review your application. In that case the Project Manager will email you.

6. You can expect to be notified of a decision within 6 weeks after submitting an application.


Amarte aims to serve as a springboard for creatives and artists that want to develop new projects and cultivate their art practice.
Amarte supports innovative creatives and generally funds smaller scale projects of artists that can help them take a leap in their artistic development and careers.

Amarte understands that the creation of new work requires time and space for experimentation, research, and development. To allow artists this time and space to create, Amarte also supports projects that are still in a developmental stage, when the outcome is still unsure.

Here you will find a number of Amarte’s guidelines in reviewing applications:

  • The applicant is a professional in the field of film, theatre, music, visual arts, or literature, or a combination of these disciplines.
  • The project and/or developmental period has a beginning and an end.
  • Amarte likes to be reached out to early on in the creative process – applications for projects in a later creative stage therefore have a smaller chance of being granted.
  • Amarte aims to support the creative development of artists. Cultural organizations can therefore solely submit an application in collaboration with and on the initiative of an individual creative/artist.
  • Amarte particularly intends to be there for creatives who fall through the cracks at regular cultural foundations. Applications for large-scale projects for which the applicant relies on other foundations to cover a large part of the total budget therefore have less priority at Amarte.
  • While there is no age limit, our experience is that applications from younger creatives are more frequently granted.
  • Amarte prefers applications for smaller-scale projects with a maximum total budget of €50.000.
  • Amarte does not provide grants to solely cover study fees, scholarships, or organizational costs.
  • Amarte does not support any projects related to studies and/or scholarships. Amarte solely covers classes or courses if these are a part of the project or the developmental grant for which is applied.
    Applications with educational purposes only will not be granted.
  • Amarte does not grant applications that are solely aimed at covering material costs, unless these are a part of the expenses of a larger project.
  • Amarte does not provide grants for organizational costs.


At Amarte you can apply in the disciplines visual arts, theatre, film, music and literature. It goes without saying that we also accept applications for crossover or multidisciplinary projects. Please submit your application to the discipline that best fits you or your project. If necessary, we make sure your application is read by the other relevant advisory committees as well.


Amarte focuses on developing talent and fostering the creative stage. You can either apply for a development or a project grant. Because Amarte aims to make a difference, we like receiving applications in which Amarte covers a substantial part of the budget. If Amarte can’t cover the full budget, we recommend you also look for other sources of funding, for example at other foundations or by setting up a crowdfunding campaign.

Development grants up to €2.500

This type of grant is meant for development, experiment and creative immersion. For creatives with a well thought out plan which they would like to develop into a project, or for artists who would like to deepen their artistry through experiment and research. Think of taking the time to write a film plan, compose a music piece, or research the use of new forms or materials.

Project grants up to €5.000

This type of grant is meant to support the realization of a concrete project. For example recording and releasing an album, creating a new photo series, theatre production, or film. Please note that the average project grant is around €3.000.


Find out which attachments should be included in your application on the page specific to your discipline. You will also be able to attach documents such as your resume or additional Chamber of Commerce documentation.

The following file types are supported: Word, PDF, Powerpoint, Excel, powerpoint, excel, rtf, tiff, jpg, png, msg, waff, mp4, avi and mov. The maximum file size is 20M.

In your application you can provide links to YouTube, Vimeo, or SoundCloud. We prefer not to receive any links to documents in Dropbox or Google Drive.

Please note: you can choose how you share your project with us. Find it difficult to write about your project, and feel more comfortable to talk about it? Feel free to send us a video in which you introduce yourself and present the project.


The Amarte Foundation does not have deadlines for submitting an application. The advisory committee meets monthly to review applications. We aim to send you a decision letter within 6 weeks after receiving your application.


If your application is granted, you will be notified through email. After signing the acceptance letter we will transfer the first 80% of the granted amount to your account. If you have indicated that you would like to be connected to an expert we contact you through email to discuss the various possibilities.


In case your application is rejected, you also get notified through email. This decision is final and it is not possible to re-apply for the same project. Of course you are welcome to apply again for your next project.


After finishing your project or development period, you will fill out an online evaluation form. In this evaluation form we ask you to upload the following documents:

  • Financial report (mandatory)
    with reference to your previously submitted projected budget
  • Receipts and invoices (mandatory)
    listing the 5 highest made expenses (in one document)
  • Project report (not mandatory)

After approval of your evaluation you will receive the remaining 20% of your grant.

Important: Amarte happily supports projects that are in an experimental or developmental stage when the outcome is still unsure. Also if the end result may differ from what you had initially planned or hoped for, you can still evaluate the process. Please share the process with us and explain why you didn’t succeed in reaching the goals you had set. We would also like to know of any unexpected positive things that happened or lessons you learned.