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Soheil Shayesteh

Soheil Shayesteh received a development grant for his project Illustrator Kamancheh, in which the kamancheh, live electronics and visuals come together.

‘Illustrator Kamancheh’ is about the further development of a new Audio-Visual instrument (Kamancheh, Live Electronics and Visuals).
Soheil started by studying the physics of the sound of the Kamancheh to learn more about its characteristics and following these studies how to combine the acoustic sound of Kamancheh with the electronics and also how to utilize the data from the spectral analysis of the Kamancheh to add a new dimension to this instrument which is the Audio-Reactive visuals. The visuals are being generated regardless of any timeline and only based on the changes of the spectrum of the sound.

He is now working on a new Audio-Visual album for this unique setting.